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The Tigres is a group of manufacturing and trade companies. The main activity is a production, wholesale and retail trade of a wide range of children's products.

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Tigres Company started own plastic production toys
Tigres Company started own plastic production toys

23 December 2011 year, at 17:36
Tigres Company started own plastic production toys

Now the Tigres corporation simultaneously with installation of  Polish-German brand WADER plastic toys and started to produce its own plastic toys.

Currently, production line consists of four Austrian manufacturer of injection molding machines ENGEL. Gradually their number will be increased to ten. The production capacity is 50 000 toys per month and is constantly growing.

There are already are 5 types of children's cars:






Every toy car is presented in four basic colors: red, blue, yellow, green.

WARNING! Soon Tigres company will present an exclusive new product for girls who are keen on cars - pink car. Also, we are preparing an interesting novelties with spring-summer and Euro 2012 themes. Check it out first!

Plastic toys are made of high quality safe materials - polypropylene, polyethylene (Netherlands), dyes (Sweden). According to strict quality standards all products undergo mandatory certification and have Ukrainian and European quality certificates. The design, weight, size toys meet the children characteristics of age groups for which they are intended. Models of toys is designed so that provide them with streamlined shape with no sharp protrusions and small, fragile parts. That ensure maximum safety for the child. Our toys will help children to spend time with interest and fun. And parents can feel easy about their kids.

There is a production of wide range of toys in Tigres company long-term plans. Our aim is to meet the demand of kids, not only from Ukraine, but also from other countries.

We hope that Tigres toys became feasible dream of many children.