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The Tigres is a group of manufacturing and trade companies. The main activity is a production, wholesale and retail trade of a wide range of children's products.

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Tigres soft toys

The Private Enterprise Tigres was founded in 2003 and it specialies in soft toys Tigres manufacturing. The wholesale Tigres is the official distributor of soft toys throughout Ukraine.

Annual volume of production is more than 400 000 items.

The assortment range is more than 200 items.

Total production area is about 5000 sq. m.

The high quality of soft toys has been achieving through using of modern highly productive equipment, new approaches to production organization and employment of qualified specialists.

The primary materials used in the production is fabric of various textures and colors, mainly artificial fur and short-nap fabric (made in Korea, China, Belarus, and Ukraine) that have passed sanitary control and comply with all current regulations on manufacture of children's products. The toys are stuffed with polyester fiber with silicone, which is the cleanest of all stuffing materials and has superior quality.

The factory uses not only the best materials, but also the best equipment. We operate 2 15-head universal industrial embroidery machines, there are only few such machines in whole Ukraine; Polish silicone napping and stuffing machines, electric knives, about 40 sewing machines, etc.

The enterprise has its own design workshop, with specialists, which are constantly monitoring the trends in the toy industry and adding new items to the product range every week. These specialists involved in the birth of a toy, making dreams come true. They use imagination, professional skills, high-quality fabric and do everything to give the kids their favorite characters without any delay.

At all stages of production cycle the quality control is carried out due to the PE Tigres control systems of production quality.

Almost all stages of production are automatic. The usage of manual labor is minimized, which allows to provide significant volumes of production with involving of relatively small quantity of workers.

We use high-quality raw materials, attractive and various design, and wide product assortment. Our toys have become favorite friends to kids.

During its activity, the Tigres factory  has received numerous awards and diplomas:

2004: Tigres trademark won the international contest Gold Trademarks of Ukraine;

2005: we became finalist of  100 Best Products of Volyn Oblast contest;

2006: was awarded at the All-Ukrainian product quality contest Top 100 Ukrainian Products, for victory in the Best Toy 2006 specialized contest, as well as in the Audience Choice Award;

2007: won the Best Toy 2007 contest in Best author's style and Best decorative toy nominations, and received an award in Best soft toy nomination at the same contest;

2008: got prize-winning places in Best soft toy and Best Decorative Toy nominations at the 5th National Contest Best Toy 2008; eight models of the factory's designers were awarded for the Best Author's Style; Tigres Private Enterprise was awarded whith finalist diploma in the All-Ukrainian product quality contest Top 100 Ukrainian Products;

2010: prize-winning places was taken in the following nominations of the 7th National Contest Best Toy 2010  within the 14th Baby Expo 2010 (international forum of goods and services for children): Best stuffed toy for children, Best interior toy, Best large-sized toy, Best present, Three bears, Audience Choice, and Best Family Toy. Besides, Tigres Factory's Design Studio won the 1st place in Best Author's Style nomination.

2011: Tigres toys won the regional stage of the national contest "100 best goods of Ukraine" and took prize-winning places in the following nominations of the 8th National Contest Best Toy 2010 in the framework the 15th Baby Expo 2010 international forum of goods and services for children:

  • The best interior toy;
  • Audience Choice;
  • The best author's style;
  • The best soft toys;
  • Renaissance of traditions;
  • Favorite Toy;
  • Viewers prize of AKKO International.

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